BMW Parts and Accessories: A 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Many people like to personalize their BMW with many different BMW parts. Whether you want a exceptional appearance or you simply want a different interior for your auto, you can customize the inside of your BMW with many different products. But if you’re looking for a simple way to modify the overall look of your BMW without spending a great deal of money or time, you should consider purchasing one of the many BMW accessories which can be found to modify the exterior and interior of your car.

Some of the most well-known accessories such as BMW are BMW floor mats. Floor mats protect the floor of your vehicle from dirt and debris, so preventing it from breaking. They also protect your floor from stains and dirt from liquids that might have spilled on it.

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BMW OEM vs Aftermarket parts

At times you may be forced to replace some of your BMW’s parts – and it only makes sense that you only purchase those that would not cause additional problems. Most people are confused by whether they should go for the, most often than not, pricier OEM car parts or opt for the comparably cheaper aftermarket parts.

Basically, BMW OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer car parts are those that are produced by BMW or other BMW-sanctioned parts manufacturers. They usually align to BMW’s mechanical design specifications and quality standards.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are what you will find in most independent shops. They are not sourced from BMW and neither do BMW-authorized companies produce them. They are made using the underpinnings of the original parts but outside an OEM production contract.

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