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Of course brakes are very important – since they are the mechanism that stops the entire car. Any BMW parts that come from the auto dealership will be expensive, so shopping around for parts may be a good idea and then have the brakes installed by a mechanic who is familiar with BMWs. Since brakes are critical to the success of any BMW, it makes sense that an owner may be willing to spend a bit more money to make sure that brakes are working correctly. Brakes are absolutely critical to successful overall functioning of a car – and are very important in how the vehicle operates in general. Although it is possible to find OEM parts for brakes at someplace other than the car dealership, it is very important to verify that the needed parts are legitimate before they are installed on your car. Continue reading “BMW OEM Accessories And Parts”

How To Locate Genuine BMW Parts On The Web

Would you like to find a place online that you can purchase genuine BMW parts? You will be able to find these websites very quickly using the search engines, and will soon have the exact parts that you need. It is important to compare the different companies that you will locate, making sure that they are actually providing you with legitimate parts for your BMW before you place the order. Here are a few tips that you can use in order to get these parts from a reputable company that you can locate on the web. Continue reading “How To Locate Genuine BMW Parts On The Web”

BMW Facts

One of the most popular cars out in the market are BMWs. They make their cars in Germany making them one of the few German cars on the market. What most people don’t know is that there’s a lot of history behind them. BMW originally started out as BFW, which stood for Bayerische Flugzeugwerke. Bayerische Flugzeugwerke translated from German meant Bevarian Aircraft. However if it weren’t for the Treaty of Versailles, BMW might have continued being an aircraft company. The treaty of Versaille banned the company from producing warcrafts. That pushed BMW to start producing motor vehicles and later on to motorcycles. Afterwards they renamed their company to BMW which stood for Bayerische Motoren Werke. Roughly translated, BMW stood for Bavarian Motor Work in German. Continue reading “BMW Facts”

Who Makes BMW Cars?

Bavarian Motor Works and are the same in the original German language.

BMW is headquartered in Munich, Germany in the state of Bavaria that gives the company the first word of its name. Munich is famous as the host city of the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Company History

BMW was founded in 1916 as the successor of an aircraft manufacturer. After World War I, the company was no longer allowed to produce aircraft engines, so it started making motorcycles. In the late 1920s, it began building cars.

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New BMW Models

If you are in the market for a new ride, BMW’s 2017 lineup is destined to leave you impressed. BMW continues to develop world-class vehicles that stand out from the crowd. Here are three of the hottest BMW models on the market.

BMW 230i Coupe

The 2017 BMW 230i Coupe is the perfect match for the drivers who desire a daily dose of driving excitement. Not only does the new 230i look stunning, but it also surrounds drivers with a long list of exciting features. Furthermore, the small coupe continues to offer a top-notch level of crash protection.

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BMW OEM vs Aftermarket parts

At times you may be forced to replace some of your BMW’s parts – and it only makes sense that you only purchase those that would not cause additional problems. Most people are confused by whether they should go for the, most often than not, pricier OEM car parts or opt for the comparably cheaper aftermarket parts.

Basically, BMW OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer car parts are those that are produced by BMW or other BMW-sanctioned parts manufacturers. They usually align to BMW’s mechanical design specifications and quality standards.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are what you will find in most independent shops. They are not sourced from BMW and neither do BMW-authorized companies produce them. They are made using the underpinnings of the original parts but outside an OEM production contract.

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New BMW 5 Series

BMW’s 5 Series is redesigned for 2017

BMW’s 5 Series enters the 2017 model year completely redesigned.

It’s bigger than the previous model it replaces and comes with new engine options. And because it’s bigger, the 2017 BMW 5 Series now has a bit more cargo space, going from 18.4 to 18.7 cubic feet of available space.


The 2017 BMW 5 Series comes in two different trim level models: 530i and 540i.

The four-door midsize luxury sedan comes standard with LED adaptive front headlights, LED foglights, power- folding and automatic-dimming heated outside mirrors and 18-inch wheels on the outside. Continue reading “New BMW 5 Series”

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