BMW Mufflers and Exhausts: OEM vs Aftermarket

BMW Exhaust Kits and Mufflers

Manufacturers usually leave some room for improvement when they design exhaust systems. You can replace it with an aftermarket system that is non-restrictive. This will improve the torque and horsepower of your car by some margin. OEM parts will come in original packaging and will have the logo of the company. These are the parts that they use when you service your car at a BMW dealership. They are exact replacements for the parts that the car had. Continue reading “BMW Mufflers and Exhausts: OEM vs Aftermarket”

How To Locate Genuine BMW Parts On The Web

Would you like to find a place online that you can purchase genuine BMW parts? You will be able to find these websites very quickly using the search engines, and will soon have the exact parts that you need. It is important to compare the different companies that you will locate, making sure that they are actually providing you with legitimate parts for your BMW before you place the order. Here are a few tips that you can use in order to get these parts from a reputable company that you can locate on the web. Continue reading “How To Locate Genuine BMW Parts On The Web”