How To Choose The Right BMW Seat Covers

Car seats get a lot of wear and tear from daily use, exposure to the elements and contact with a variety of substances such as liquids and dirt among others.

Within a short period of time the brand new and aesthetically appealing BMW seat covers may start showing signs of wear and tear; something that is bound to negatively affect the overall look and comfort of your vehicle.

Car seat covers are designed to protect the seats below from the effects of everyday wear and tear. The best seat covers also enhance the appearance of your car’s interior in addition to enhancing comfort levels.

Read on below to learn more about the main factors to consider when choosing the right car seat covers.


Car seat covers are made of a variety of materials. Each different material offers a different level of protection and comfort. When choosing covers for your car seats be sure to match the material with your unique needs and condition of use.

For instance, leather seat covers are known to be resistant to liquids. This makes them quite easy to clean. They are however not suitable for use in hot climates as they get very hot and sticky. Other popular car seat materials include suede, canvas, Saddle-blanket and Neoprene among others.

Size And Fit

To get the most out of your chosen car seat covers, you will need to ensure that they properly fit the seats under consideration. When choosing seat covers for your car, you will need to choose a specific size. Different sizes are designed to fit differently to the seats in question. The main differences include how the cover fits the headrest as well as whether it can be used on seats that are fitted with side impact airbags. Be sure to choose a size that properly fits the seat and headrests the way you want.

Custom car seats are specifically designed to fit every cranny and nook of the seats in question. These however come at a higher cost generic seat covers on the other hand are much more affordable. To properly fit your car’s seats, generic seat covers rely on a system of straps.


As previously stated, car seat covers can be used to enhance the appearance of your car’s interior you can use the color to improve upon the bland appearance of the car seats. It is however important to note that the color you choose for the covers should match the exterior of the car as well.

You can choose covers with a two toned color scheme to make things more interesting. Pairing this color scheme with a similarly attractive pattern will go a long way towards creating the aesthetic appearance you envision.

Extra Features

Car seat covers can also be designed to accommodate a variety of car seat features. Be sure to take stock of all the features included in the design of the seats in question before settling on the most suitable covers. Some of the common features to consider include built in DVD players and/or screens, armrests and adjustable head rests.

With the above considerations in mind, choosing the right BMW seat covers will be less of a challenge.

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