Back to School Tips for Parents 2018

It isn’t uncommon for children to feel nervous about experiencing situations that are new, such as changing to a new classroom, having a new teacher, or going to a new school. These changes could occur at any age during back-to-school season. For parents of children who are experiencing these feelings, it can be helpful to have rehearsals of what it could be like to enter into their new situation. For example, before the first day of school, parents and children can visit the school to help relieve those feelings of uneasiness. That is just one example of back to school tips for parents that we’re going to explore before children return to school this year.

1: Plan Ahead for the Transition Back to School

If possible, avoid back-to-school shopping at the last minute and try to do this ahead of time. It’s stressful to do this as summer is wrapping up, so purchase school supplies as soon as your child’s school releases classroom supply lists or when you know what your child needs.

Parents should also try to avoid scheduling activities and camps during the last couple of weeks of summer. In doing so, you’re causing additional stress while trying to scramble to accomplish tasks. For example, if you need to take your child to purchase school clothes and have them try items on, it’s difficult to do so if they’re away at camp.

2: Develop a Back-to-School Schedule

For some children, switching from going to bed late and waking up later in the morning to an earlier bedtime and waking up earlier in the morning is a challenge. If parents implement a back-to-school between one and two weeks before the start of school, this will help your children develop a habit of sleeping and waking during their designated times better. The ultimate goal is to help them readjust to an evening and morning routine that better suites back-to-school.

3: Talk About Back to School Often

When children are experiencing anxiety regarding the first day of school, parents can have family meetings about what their new school or about what the kids can expect during their school year. If children are entering kindergarten, middle school, or high school and it’s their first day of school, these conversations should occur frequently. Parents can discuss when the school day will begin, end, and what children can expect during their first week of school. During these discussions, parents should allow children the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and voice any concerns they have about school.

4: If Parents are Panicking, The Kids are Panicking

Parents should remember that, if they’re experiencing overwhelming feelings, they shouldn’t panic. If they’re starting to panic about back to school, then the kids are going to have those same feelings. It’s essential that everyone have an optimistic attitude about the upcoming changes in the household, as well as in routines. There is going to be a period of adjustment for everyone during the first week of school, but it will soon begin to feel just as regular as the summer months before long.

However, during the first week, some modifications and tweaking will become necessary for the school and home environment. Parents will need to figure out where to put school papers, backpacks, and other critical items that children can’t forget in the morning. Children will need to figure out what they’re responsible for on a daily basis with the help of their parents, and so on. If anxiety begins to hit, everyone should remember that these feelings will pass and everything will start clicking into place.

5: Make Sure Summer Homework is Complete

Some schools require summer homework, so it’s essential that parents ensure their children are completing these tasks. For example, the most common task to finish is a summer reading list. Some schools also require an additional activity to finish with that reading list. Parents should encourage their children to complete their assignments throughout the summer, rather than waiting until the last minute before back to school. That way, they’re not experiencing stress before entering their classroom during the first day of school. These activities help their brains stay in the routine of regularly acquiring information necessary for learning on a routine basis.

Wrapping Up

When parents are thinking about the back-to-school season, another thing to consider is reducing screen time. Their children may have gotten used to having additional screen time throughout the summer, so it may become necessary to reduce their usage gradually before the start of school. By following these tips, it’s possible to begin school with more preparation and less stress. Going back to school is an exciting opportunity for students to have new experiences, meet new friends, and explore new activities. Therefore, it’s essential for parents to help them get off on the right foot and make it as positive as possible.

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