How To Clean Carbon Fiber Seat Covers

Thinking about cleaning those dirty carbon fiber seat covers as soon as possible?

Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Wipe with Cloth

You are going to begin by taking a cloth and starting to wipe away the excess dirt or dust on the surface. This is going to be important to set the stage for your next step. It will lead to a better finish.

Step 2: Grab Fresh Bucket of Water

Make sure you are getting a fresh bucket of water that is going to be used for the shampooing of the seat covers. You will need a proper bucket to do this the right way.

Step 3: Apply Shampoo to Carbon Fiber Seat Covers

It is time to get a shampoo that is going to be applied to the surface of the seat covers. You are going to soak the shampoo in the water and let the covers sit for a while. This is going to help clean away the dirt.

Step 4: Scrub

It is now time to start working on cleaning the surface with a lint-free cloth. This will work in getting to the surface of the seat covers and getting rid of the excess dirt that is on there. You want to stay patient while doing this because it is a critical step. It will offer real value to your covers.

Step 5: Dry

This is going to involve a simple towel that can be used to dry off the surface. Make sure to do this with care and get all of the covers. Don’t ignore spots and assume they’re going to dry on their own. It is easy to do this and then hate how the covers start to smell. Drying is just as important as cleaning when it comes to seat covers.

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