BMW Mufflers and Exhausts: OEM vs Aftermarket

BMW Exhaust Kits and Mufflers

Manufacturers usually leave some room for improvement when they design exhaust systems. You can replace it with an aftermarket system that is non-restrictive. This will improve the torque and horsepower of your car by some margin. OEM parts will come in original packaging and will have the logo of the company. These are the parts that they use when you service your car at a BMW dealership. They are exact replacements for the parts that the car had.

Aftermarket Parts

An aftermarket part is a part that is not gotten from the original car manufacturer. The general reason why many people avoid aftermarket parts is because they believe that they will avoid the warranty of the car. This is not applicable if it is a direct replacement of the part. One of the advantages of these types of parts is that they work in the same way as the originals. Aftermarket parts perform better in some cases because they can be modified depending on the car.


Aftermarket exhaust kits and mufflers are less expensive than OEM parts. A big portion of the revenue of the car manufacturer comes from part replacement. Their parts are priced at a premium, and it is hard to quantify the price.

The quality of aftermarket kits is not as low as most people believe. This is because the manufacturers of these parts pick the original parts and then reverse-engineer them from the ground up. This enables them to know the weaknesses and how the kits can be improved. They work professionally and provide quality services.

Automakers are limited when they make parts because they have to strike a balance between noise levels, performance, and cost. An exhaust kit from the aftermarkets can be designed according to the particular car and the needs of its owner. This plays a huge role when you want to better the performance of the car. They are limited by the design of the exhaust kit.

There might be a distinct sound that you may be looking for which the OEM muffler does not give you. This is a perfect case where the aftermarket part could solve your needs. One of the reasons for getting an alternative part is because of the varieties that exist. You have the freedom to choose the specific muffler that you want depending on your need. This is partly the reason why aftermarket parts are cheaper because they are made of different price ranges.


The quality varies widely because they do not come from a particular manufacturer. You need to be able to trust the manufacturer of the part because of inferior materials. It is good to source from brands that you trust or one that has been recommended to you by the mechanic.

You might also be overwhelmed by the many choices that you get when you choose to look for an aftermarket exhaust kit or muffler. It is advisable to go with the OEM if the price difference is not too high. You will be taxed highly if you look for the specific one that you need. You also have to the quality take into account.


Flowmaster is an American manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust systems and kits. They have an extensive catalog to accommodate for varying car sizes and models. The good thing is that the products are made in the United States. You can be assured that their products are of high quality and that they are easy to source.

They have more than a dozen muffler styles for customers to choose. The different Flowmaster designs vary from those designed for trucks to cars that have small cylinder engines. The design of the muffler determines that sound that it will produce. You have a variety of choices to go through. Their mufflers were designed for racers who wanted good sound while still maintaining car performance. Flowmaster offers high-grade race mufflers that have a distinctive sound.

An exhaust header replaces the cast iron manifolds that usually come with BMW cars. Flowmaster’s Scavenger Series Elite is a suite of exhaust headers that are made from stainless steel. They are also coated with a ceramic that increases their durability. They come in a variety of flange types including OEM flanges or ball flange connections. The choice is up to you. This depends on the kind of installation that you prefer.

Exhaust kits can be replaced when the car is serviced. They are replaced to improve the performance of the car. Getting OEM parts will not have any effect if you want to modify your car. It is important to note that aftermarket companies have more versatility in making certain car parts including mufflers. This is because they interact with clients all the time and are more in tune with the needs of the market.

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